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Clifford Engineering’s philosophy is to focus on quality, not just in the work produced but also in the staff employed and the working environment. We do not view quality as a competitive advantage, rather a minimum entry requirement in today’s market.

Quality is the drive behind the company, ensuring customers receive high quality components manufactured and delivered to the tightest of deadlines and with the utmost efficiency. Quality is our means of achieving higher margins through customer satisfaction. The team (internal and external) works together towards:


At Clifford Engineering our focus is on quality and efficiency. Through careful set up and preparation we can keep errors and faults to a minimum making a slick manufacturing environment.

We pride ourselves on hard work and efficiency, and always meet our deadlines.

Everyone has a task to do! Everyone knows what their responsibilites are in the business.

At Clifford engineering we are always looking for ways to improve the manufacturing process for greater speed and efficiency.

This work is currently underway.

Engineering services

Clifford Engineering Ltd can also offer the following services...

Surface Finishes

We offer a wide variety of finishes from Powder Coating to all types of Chemical Coating including: anodizing, galvanizing, zinc, electro-polishing and sand blasting.

Assembly / Sub Assemblies

Depending on the application and size, we can offer completed Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies to suit your needs.

Ground Parts

We can offer in-house grinding, both cylindrical and surface grinding. Although this has little call and is mainly used for spares on our machines.

In-House Machining

We have a multitude of machines suited to just about every engineering task necessary to produce your requirements no matter how diverse an order.

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